Let Them Help

Sometimes, you are better at doing something than the new person who is around to do it. You just have to train them and then let them help.

We know that it is hard to let go. Resist the urge…

  • Don’t grab the mouse.
  • Don’t say “oh, just let me do it”.
  • Don’t reset the silverware drawer.
  • Don’t re-organize the dishwasher.
  • Don’t change the document and resave it as a PDF as if you never edited it.
  • Don’t just decide to tackle the task because you know it will take you less time…

They are worthy. They need to learn. They need to grow so they can teach someone else in the future. You need to let them help so that the business can grow, otherwise, it never will. Learn to delegate and go home early…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Sure, a few home and kid related ideas in there; yes, it applies to them as well.

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