Helpful, or…

Are retail store workers naturally really nice and helpful, or is it just because they are paid on commission?  I hope that it is both, but I think that we did our best in our role as customer – we engaged in witty banter and spent plenty of money.  In return, we had not one, not two, but four really cheerful and downright polite people help us today at the mall.  

One of my favorite things to do is plan and solve the dilemma of the ultimate Halloween costume. Being able to order the right costume and accessories online, early in the season to find the best choices in terms of selection and size is what I have been trying to do – it is more efficient – it is less stressful. Results may vary of course…sometimes we end up making something at the last minute and they usually hate that, but it is the sole reason I still have my trusted and durable, Singer (of course) sewing machine. AKA the back up plan.

So, when your kids are not even sure that they are going to dress up anymore…you may have to go out – even on a Friday evening before the party with the determination to bring something, anything, home with you.  It isn’t officially last minute for the actual holiday, so it was actually not that stressful. My daughter was being specific but, somewhat flexible in how she wanted to dress for the part in this season’s celebrations. 

Is it easier if they are set in what they want to be – who they want to be?  

Maybe, maybe not – and lets face it – who actually knows what they want to be at 17, at 25 at 40. I mean, setting aside Halloween costumes of course, because we can’t be a Huntress or the Devil or a Superhero for a living – or can we? 

To that end, I believe that retail staffers can be an inspiration.  They should be respected, revered and appreciated. Take Andy for example, who is either naturally positie, upbeat and helpful or incentivized to be that way from 5PM to 9PM.  Maybe money is the root casue, but my guess is that it’s a combination of great parents and a really good manager. Those who are more experienced and who take the time to be there, to train, advise on best practices and to be patient are amazing. It isn’t easy working in the mall or anywhere in retail so I hope that Andy is on commission and that we helped make the difference in this week’s performance and the paycheck.  

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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