Do You Know How Tall Your Cow Is?

If you walked up to someone and asked this question, “Do you know how tall your cow is?” Would you expect them to know the answer?  I guess it would depend, right?

It would depend on if they answered yes or no to these questions:

  • Are you a farmer with just one cow?
  • Are you a farmer with a lot of cows?
  • Are you a non-farmer and do you own a cow?
  • Are you someone who has ever seen a cow up close?
  • Are you a driver of one of the three Turkey Hill Ice Cream Cow Trucks?

My guess is that even if they answered yes to the first, second and third questions, that they still may not know how tall their cow is (or cows are, as the case may be.)

That last one though…That last person, when asked “Do you know how tall your cow is?” had better darn well know. But, I am thinking that today, they wished they also had a GPS device that also knew the answer to that question and had steered them (aha pun NOT intended) away from every underpass for a short railroad, colonial days with a stone archway under a 14′-5″ clearance. I can only imagine (based on the height of 13′ as indicated on their website) that is the minimum height which our old-towne, Langhorne tunnels would have to be in order to not tip the giant cow.  Now, that would get our attention. We might even buy the ice cream, just because we felt bad…or at least so it didn’t go to waste on an Indian Summer, fall afternoon.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

One of the 3 Giant Turkey Hill Truck Cows...and some girls who really like gelato.

One of the 3 Giant Turkey Hill Truck Cows…and some girls who really like Gelato.

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