Why Did They Call It That

So. We watched Jackie last night. No, maybe it was Thursday night. Reflecting back on the movie; we were all discussing today, “why did they call it that?”

Spoiler Alert.


This movie, mistakenly (in my opinion) called Jackie was NOT what I’d thought it was from the title. It was all about the tense, drawn out funeral planning for JFK, peppered in with the shock, dismay and angst of a widow out of place.

Why not call it

  • The Death of a President
  • Or, The Death of JFK
  • Or, Remembering JFK
  • Or, Making Sure We Remember JFK
  • Or, A Week In the Death

Pretty much, anything but what they called it.

I wanted to know about her. 

  • About what she believed. 
  • About what she did. 
  • About how she lived through the trauma and the tragedy and came out the other side, stronger.  
  • About being the First Lady.

I still don’t know more than I did. In the movie, they portrayed that “they” even his brother Bobby, had doubts that he’d have been remembered well…except for what she did, for how she made people remember.

So, not a bad story, just not exactly about Jackie. So, yea, I wonder, and I think this is a fair question: “why did they call it that?” What was the writer, or the producer, or whoever is in control, thinking  when they choose that name?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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