Laughter, Debate and Introspection

What do laughter, debate and introspection all have in common? Maybe nothing except for all happening to me this Friday.

I tend to take a lot of things at face value, but there are a lot of things in which I simply do not trust.

I understand, even as crude as it is that even adults like potty humor. Swear a lot and make fun of a stupid incident and people will laugh. Do I think that the person making us laugh is trustworthy? Who cares? I laughed and laughed until my abs hurt and my lungs cried “uncle” – it was a work out that I truly enjoyed (not that Pilates ever other or 3rd day isn’t great, but it isn’t like that…) I’ll take laughter any day of the week instead.

I believe people when they tell me something. I don’t inherently believe that they are lying. However, I just don’t ever think that politicians are able to be 100% focused on the truth because what is true today, isn’t tomorrow. It’s a whole new day and a whole new perspective. New information, insight and feedback from your constituents.

Following the events of this week and the school board special hearing, there has been a lot of debate. Oh, and there is this little thing happening here in this country, too – like a presidential election – so there is a lot of trying to convince others of your own beliefs going on, too. I try not to get involved… I really, truly do. However, with those I trust, I will debate and see what I can learn or if I can work issues out in my own mind…

So that leads to the introspection. Am I just kidding myself, that I don’t really care? I said to someone just yesterday that as I get older, there are more and more things about which I have an opinion and it is a strong one. So, I speak my mind. I am not trying to argue with someone, but I want to say what I think; and yea… I have enough ego to want them to agree with me or maybe to convince them to see my side (and maybe change their mind, too.)

So, would I normally spend my Friday evening switching off between laughter, debate and introspection? No…but, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good thing. It still gives me more to think about later…but for the next hour or so, I just want to laugh some more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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