Know the Whole Story

It is always best to know the whole story before you react.

In the age of e-mail, Facebook posts and text…it is easy to misinterpret someone’s simple communication. Years ago, before all of that existed, it was just a little post-it note on my door that “sounded” sarcastic and I flipped out. Truly, I lost it.

  • Don’t reply.
  • Take a breath.
  • Think.
  • Then, call them and talk…the old fashioned way.

Okay, maybe use a phone. Whatever kind you use.

Get to know the whole story by reaching out and talking to the person before you flip out, over-react and wreck someone’s world. It is the first summer holiday weekend of the season and it is well past 5 O’clock for most of the country at this point. Take a break. Turn off the devices. Get ready to relax. You’ve earned it. So have they.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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