Knew You Then

When someone says, “we knew you then“, they kind of have you in an odd place, on edge maybe. Like, what does that mean?

  • Are you the same now?
  • Have you grown and matured?
  • Do you know new things?
  • What do you believe now?
  • How are you different today?
  • Did you become a totally different person – getting taller, maturing, losing weight (among other things non-physical.)

It is more than height, age and appearance…we all made mistakes and we are ALL different than we were. We grew up, learned new things, changed (a lot), adapted and evolved into who we are at the moment – with the ongoing prerogative to continue to change.

Who you were is not necessarily who you are now. But, when they say “we knew you then, and we still love you” is the best thing to hear.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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