Kids Make Us

Kids make us into the person that we do (or do not) want to be sometimes:

  • Becoming a Mom or Dad – some choose to be, others do not – yet we still are
  • Becoming stressed out and unable to control it well – often due to the circumstances of timing rather than what they do – it is never a toddler’s fault if they fall and break something that should have been moved up high and out of reach long before they could walk
  • Becoming tired…they make us run after them, drive early to school, pick up after events and late practices
  • Becoming broke – from diapers to clothes to big toys and little (electronic) toys – to college tuition and maybe even a wedding (destination or local for all the family to attend)
  • Becoming a person who is always working (did I mention the expenses?)
  • Becoming that parent who will do anything for a stuffed bunny, lamb, bear or leopard – especially if it is lost or left behind
  • Becoming that person who has learned algebra not once but twice – once the right way and once the new math way…who knew math as old as algebra could change?
  • Becoming more patient as time passes, or maybe less patient – depending on where you started
  • Becoming smarter in so many ways, yet not being fully aware of how to use that ap or the latest tech device and do that new dance craze with finesse and style
  • Becoming overall, a better person than we could ever have been with out them

We become the person who has learned so much from the things that the kids make us do. They make us into who we are as we age and while we have a lot of control and influence on what and who they become, they give it right back to us in their own right. We made them and they made us, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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