Kids Driving You Crazy

Are your kids driving you crazy?

  • Are you one of those parents?
  • Are you ready for them to go back to school?
  • Are you tired of the rainy days that mark the end of summer and the lack of activities to keep them busy?
  • Are you singing along to the school supply ads that support the beginning of school in one way or another saying it’s (essentially) “the most wonderful time of the year”?

Don’t you remember being a kid and loving summer vacation?

  • What’s wrong with a little finger painting?
  • What’s wrong with mixing the brownies and flinging batter all around the kitchen?
  • What’s wrong with mud puddles and wearing Wellies and dancing in the rain?
  • What’s wrong with sleeping until noon and enjoying the last few weeks of summer break and then watching YouTube all afternoon (sucking down the bandwidth)?

Don’t embrace the end of summer quite so easily…Instead, think about the reasons why the school year is frustrating.

  • Are you prepared for the bus that arrives early and your kid(s) missed it?
  • Are you ready for school snacks that are gone in less than a week?
  • Are you still tired at 6AM and ready to hit snooze one (or three, okay – maybe five) more times waiting for your internal clock to tell you it is time to wake up?
  • Are you geared up for homework, hair pulling and gnashing of teeth to get it done before a reasonable hour?

Don’t rush them off. They will leave in their own time and then, you will have years to wait for grandchildren who visit occasionally…post high school, post college…after their early career development years and finding the perfect mate…

Or, not.

Now – maybe now – you see what I mean and you can actually enjoy the last few weeks without the kids driving you crazy.  It won’t be that long until you can (should) say that you truly miss having them home with you every day. Hopefully, in just in a few weeks, rather than waiting somewhere between a few to several years before you realize that they are a welcome part of the house each and every day…even after summer is over.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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