Don’t Rule Out Crazy

When you are looking for a solution to a problem, don’t rule out crazy

  • Ideas – the ones that haven’t been tried before.
  • Thoughts – the ones that seem to be so far out of the box, they aren’t even on the same plane.
  • Proposals – the ones that are unformulated, untested, and heretofore unheard of (so far.)

We sometimes get stuck in our habits, our normal routines and our go-to solutions for the problems that arise over and over again.

Start a list, ask for help. Spend the afternoon brainstorming. Take notes. Each idea, thought and proposal should go on the list for consideration. Then, evaluate each one. Be purposeful and try not to say no because it sounds insane.

Solutions can come from all different perspectives, education level and experience. We should want our teams to be cross-functional, varied, divergent in background but focused on the same outcome and goal. We have no way of knowing what will resonate with others until we try and if we are trying to reach new audiences, we must change up the same old, same old plan.

Don’t rule out crazy ideas, thoughts, proposals – one of them might just be the right fit and the solution you need right now – the way to get you to the very next level and become more successful – or, at least to stay in the game until the next time at bat. Sometimes that is all you need.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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