Just Right

Who says that your price is just right? As in Goldilocks…

That store sells for too much, this store for too little…if it is the same item, a commodity like item, then your customer can decide where to shop. As they should.

Of course, if the retailer uses it as a loss leader, to entice customers in to buy other things that can’t be found anywhere else locally and then charge more for other items; easily making up the difference.

Customers like this store’s ambiance, the merchandising, the employees who are friendly and the store is not only close to home, it is really clean.

Some customers don’t care about all of that, the best price they can get is what they seek. They may go to one retailer, and buy only the things on sale – nothing else. Then, another for the items they have on sale…again, nothing else. Maybe they have a lot of time, or they may not care about close or pristine cleanliness and even deal with less-than-polite-staffers who don’t know where to tell you to find anything else. It doesn’t matter, all they want is the item on the end-cap.

Easy in, easy out.

What if… what if, you are selling some thing that is so unique and not one other shop has it for their customers. How much do you charge? Fair market, premium price… or do you set the retail just right in the middle to get it in as many people’s hands as possible to help them live their lives better? It is up to you and as shop owner, your choice – just as it is the customer’s choice to buy…or not.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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