Play The Game

In life, you have to learn to play the game.

It starts in school. What are the rules? Most things have them. Some don’t. You still have to learn the unwritten rules and accept that sometimes you are right, but you still lose.


Are you crazy? (you ask…)

Nope. I am a mom. This is how it is. Even if… someone takes your stuff. You can’t punch them in the face.

As you age, you realize that the “stuff” becomes more valuable and the pain of losing is more hurtful. You want to fight even more…and in business, as personal as it is – it is business.

You not only have to play the game, you have to fight to defend what you have created. Working harder, working smarter, out-playing and out-lasting the competition. We learn, just as we did in Kindergarten the rules can change. By the way, you are free to do so, too. Go invent something new that is a total game changer…be quick about it, even if you are first out of the gate, you have to also get there first.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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