Bad Parking

How much does a bad parking lot design affect your willingness to go to a business?

It matters.

It matters a lot.

If it didn’t, we (the designers, the architects, the engineers and the project managers) wouldn’t spend countless hours trying to make them better.

  • How many times will you, as a customer or a client, drive through a lot to find a parking space before you leave?

Do you think about how long will it take for you walk to the restaurant, store or service before you decide to go there, or suggest a place for lunch?

If the planned time takes more than 3 minutes LONGER than the customer expected it to, you may be losing customers; unless of course, you are in the city.  If that is the case, then this doesn’t specifically apply to you – unless your customers are suburbanites, in which case it matters and it matters – a lot.

Next, think about this.

What is the amount of time it takes for an average person to become frustrated with the bad parking lot or garage, or the parking spaces that are too close together? If it is less than 5 minutes, you have a problem – and it isn’t with your customers – it is with the balance between patience and success. You have 2 minutes. Go.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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