Just One More…

A simple statement, means so much in so many different ways. Just one more…

  • day (to say I love you again…)
  • minute (then I will leave…)
  • sec (then I will look at your comic that you drew…and I do, and I laugh.)
  • e-mail (I can get through all of them if I just had more time.)
  • year (or 10 more…why not 50 or 100?)
  • drink (of water…what kind of story do you think this is?)
  • cookie (ok, maybe 2 more and another 2 boxes to support the adorable Girl Scout who stood out in the cold to raise $100 for her troop.)
  • hug (tighter this time so I remember how it feels.)
  • kiss (a better one, we can do better than that, let’s make a memory.)
  • joke (even if it isn’t funny or is actually less funny than the one you just told.)
  • story (I love hearing your stories and they way you tell them.)
  • laugh (lots of laughter, giggles and smiles, more and more until it makes your abs hurt from laughing and breathing so much.)
  • friend (can fit at the table, pull up a chair, ok sure, maybe 2 or 3 more can fit.)
  • caller (we have to take as many donations as we can for our cause.)
  • breath.
  • bag (can fit in the already overstuffed, not your old minivan, new new SUV that not only doesn’t have a trunk, it really doesn’t have a cargo area either.)
  • appetizer (for the party you can never have too many apps!)
  • tear (so I can say I am done and move on.)
  • thought (before I fall asleep and dream of a better day tomorrow.)

Just one more…million other things make it all that much better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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