Just Fall Into

Luckily, with good friends you can just fall into a conversation as if you had seen each other the day. Even when you haven’t seen each other in a month or longer.

Depending on the relationship; it can go deeper than that. You might finish each other’s sentences…you might pick up where you left off on a text, an e-mail or even a thought from a letter you sent each other over the summer. You might just pick up the towel and start drying dishes as the other person washes…Old. Hat.

I am fortunate enough to have several groups of friends with whom I am able to just start up a conversation as if no time has passed.

  • My book club.
  • My college girlfriends.
  • My after-college roommate and our spouses.
  • My siblings…both the in-law and out-law varieties.
  • My we-knew-each-other-when-our-kids-were-little-and-were-friends, and now they’re not; but we still are.

Sure, there are the typical questions we volley back and forth on how the kids are doing, how that project at work is going, what dress they’re wearing to the wedding next month and whether or not they still need to borrow glasses for the weekend’s event.

Depending on which group it is, what time of year (and what book we might be reading) – we can just start as off as if we saw each other that morning over coffee.

At least, it feels that way. That might be the most important thing. It is perfect.

It is as if we just sunk into a comfortable couch with a warm blanket, with a glass of wine, a good book and a fireplace with a roaring fire on a chilly fall eve.

This is a great life.

  • I have to thank you all for your hospitality.
  • I have to thank you for your friendship.
  • I have to thank you for being lighthearted.
  • I have to thank you for the laughter.
  • I have to thank you for the real hugs.
  • I have to thank you for being there when things get tough.
  • I have to thank you for hosting our gathering even when you didn’t think you could.

I am so fortunate to be able to just fall into our normal banter; without the worry that there is judgement, an argument or debate. That is what true friends are able to give and share.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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