Fall Into a Trap

Don’t fall into a trap thinking one thing, that is actually completely another thing.

  • Something horrible is not acceptable just because another horrible thing that happened to you before was more…well, horrible.
  • Someone seeking you out because they can’t get someone better (it is okay, but wouldn’t you want to be the best choice?)
  • Something that you got through ___________, but could have been worse (insert some thing that happened to you along time ago that you survived but would’ve been better off if you had never had to go through it.)
  • Someone treating you badly because they are having a bad day and thinking it’s okay because they have had a rough go of it.
  • Something beautiful, but totally not what you want or even need.

We were talking about how social media can be, so…perfect. But, is it?

Don’t fall into a trap, thinking that the comparative is better – it is no different than those other somethings and someones above – just because they weren’t the worst, doesn’t mean they weren’t bad. You deserve better. Ask for more. Expect More. Accept nothing less.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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