Just Ask

It is okay if you don’t know. There is usually someone you can just ask

Unless they are not here anymore.

And, then. You are at a loss.

Google won’t cut it. It’s not something you can find out online.

No one else knows this particular information. It is that personal.

Even the other people who *might* know, are not the right ones to share your inquiry. They will either take a guess or wonder why you want to know, and then you will have to explain far too much.

If you have burning questions now, just ask even if you don’t think the topic is relevant to what you are discussing. If you don’t, you may never get the chance. Of course, the real problem is that we never know what we want to ask until it is too late. In that case my dear readers, I have empathy for you…because I know exactly how you feel.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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