Littlest Things

The littlest things you think of, days, months or years too late are really nothing to worry about anymore.

  • the letter they wrote you that you lost
  • the poem they loved but you forgot the name
  • the joke they told that made everyone laugh but you can’t retell because you forgot the punchline
  • the favorite song they always chose to play on the Juke Box
  • the movie they told you about but you never saw (and had planned to watch)
  • the favorite cookie – was it chocolate chip or peanut butter Kiss?
  • the book you read together and talked about for hours – what was the name?
  • the question you always wanted to ask
  • the conversation you never got to finish

You can think on – debate in your head, muddle over, get frustrated by, obsess about – the littlest things, but you can’t change “what is” now. So, take a breath, forget about it and just remember what you can. Share the stories, relive the events, reminisce on the memories – cherish all of the things you had, but be here now.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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