It’s The Old World

Out there, in so many ways, it’s the old world.

Earth has a lot of resilience…and it is mostly the people who change.

Not the ground, the grass or the plants – even the weeds that grow up through the crack in the pavement have probably been the same for hundreds of years.

The elders, who are set in their ways, and the life they have led, find that it is hard to change…even for those of us who are not so old to be elder…yet – we are – different. If even only one half of a decade older than the next.

  • What was taboo, is not.
  • What was younger, and hip, has become old fashioned.
  • What shows were fun, and edgy are not.
  • What we read is no longer appropriate, or even interesting.

The funny thing, is that every generation out there has their own perspective of what is outdated, antique, and beyond comprehension. It’s not today that gets us, it’s the old world that never changes and yet, still has merit, value and in so many ways a better perspective of what is good. Be patient. Listen. Stay open minded…I say this both to the younger and the older ones. Neither of you, no matter what you think, is “right”.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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