It’s the little things that matter

It’s the little things in life that matter.  It’s easy to say that but much harder to live up to that standard.

Especially when you do it over and over and over again. (Like change the toilet paper or get out a new box of tissues.) But, if you live with kids, then you know that you have to set the example. Do they know that you even do those things for them, or do they just take it for granted?

I take things for granted sometimes, because I don’t know that people around me do them – for me.

For years, after we bought our house, my husband filled the expansion tank in our 3rd floor spare bedroom to ensure that we had enough water in our heating system to keep the radiators full. When we had to replace our ancient boiler that tank – think of R2D2 to get an idea of it’s size – was removed.

My dad (our heating contractor) said “Now you won’t have to fill the tank anymore.” What do you mean, fill the tank? We never do that, I replied. 

“WHAT?!?” My dad was shocked and freaked out that we had never done it and my husband promptly replied…

“Sure we have.” “No we haven’t.” “I was doing it, who did you think it was? The water fairies?” “I didn’t even know we had to do it, so clearly it must have been the water fairies…”  Well, we never ran out of heat – until the behemoth died early one Sunday morning – and I didn’t even know that filling the tank was something we had to do.

I always remember that when there is something that has to be done. I try to do those little things and also try not to expect thanks for them, because many times the person who experiences the “after” doesn’t even know it was you (let alone know you…) You can probably think of a few, but I will help you:

  • Put the shopping cart back in the corral after you are done with it.
  • Close the lid on the seat. (Both of them. You never know what will fall in and kids won’t tell you.)
  • Replace it after you take / use / eat the last one.
  • Smile at someone who looks like they are having a bad day. Or even if they are just not smiling.
  • Be nice. (That’s for you Jen W.)
  • Let someone get in front of you in a traffic jam. (You are not the one being pulled out of the car on a stretcher, how bad could your day be if you let one person go first?)
  • Wipe down the crumbs from your muffin, bagel, bread loaf and toss your wrappers and napkins at the coffee / sandwich shop.
  • Say hello to someone as you pass them.
  • Be polite. Say please and thank you.
  • Be nice to retail workers. (That could have been you, or may someday be your kid, your mom/dad, your sister/brother…)

Do something for them even if they don’t know you did it; your day will be better for it and so will mine.

~ Have a great day, Dawn – AKA HatGirl


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