Enjoy the limelight but get back to work

Everyone needs to be rewarded for doing a good job. It helps them do even better work in the future. But, don’t let it linger too long, you need to keep doing what you do.

We need you to keep it up!

Whether you just won an Emmy, or signed a new franchise contract or got an A on the exam, tomorrow is still another day. Re-commit to doing what you do and you will continue to earn recognition, you will inspire others, you will solve problems, you will be an example to the rest of us.

If you didn’t win, didn’t close the deal and you failed the exam… well, then someone needs to tell you that tomorrow is another day and you will keep at it until you do. We all have great things inside of us and we can be better. We need to be better. The world out there depends on us to earn our place in this universe and to make a difference.

We’ve all been seeing the amazing results of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As of today (8/26/14), they have exceeded 40x!! their fundraising efforts for the same time frame last year (about a month.) In marketing, there are not a lot of better examples for how to do it well. They’ve exceeded our expectations and anyone who shared, liked, donated or stood under the dreaded bucket should be proud of what they have helped ALS Association to achieve. (You can pat yourself on the back if you want – or if you can…)

BUT, now, let’s all get to work. Use this success to make a difference. Even if you haven’t raised $80m in a month, have you taken one step forward? If not, why not. See what one person can do to inspire countless others?

How will you use your success to take it even one step farther? Let me know. I’ll tell you how great you are doing, we will even celebrate if it’s really incredible, but then I may ask you – what’s next?

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