It’s No Matter

It’s no matter how much it snows. Or, how much it has snowed. Winter is still a month and a half away. It is (still) Ground Hog Day and we are (still) looking out the window for a change.

What’s a few days of furries and a few feet of snow when you still can’t go where you want or do what you’d prefer.

Everything else matters.






Time together

Today, we continue to live in this bizarre way, controlled and wondering what will allow it to change.

It’s no matter that things have gotten worse, then better, then worse again and maybe even worse still – we have a plan (maybe), hope (always) and a goal (set one if you don’t already). This too shall pass and we will be more resilient, patient, and appreciative when it’s over. Ground Hog Day will end and yes, there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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