We Get You Phil

Tomorrow (or today depending on when you are reading this blog) it is Ground Hog Day. Again. After living in the world of 2020 and being “stuck” repeating so many things, I think we get you Phil.

We get you.

  • We are becoming experts. And, some how I do not think it will take the standard 5 or 10 years to earn the 10,000 hours of time spent learning a new hobby.
  • We are getting tired of cooking. (Again.) But we are also getting tired of pizza. (Again.)
  • We are staying indoors. Yes, even when it isn’t snowing for 2 and a half days straight like it will have been by mid day tomorrow.
  • We are not driving. But the car still needs an oil change, just like you can’t let the lawn mower sit all winter and expect it to start up and hum along perfectly in the spring.
  • We are watching all the shows. But, we are running out of new – good – content.
  • We will watch Ground Hog Day again. We will probably see that we have missed some of the more nuanced touches.

So, the one request we have is that the studios catch up, I doubt they have a backlog of quality views just ready to release. I know some are holding out for a Big Screen theatrical debut, and we can hold out for just a little bit longer. But do we really have to wait?

Until then, we will keep learning and totally admit that we get you Phil. We really, really get it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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