View From Inside

The view from inside is – well, different.

If you were a groundhog, peeking out, your view (especially in Punxsutawney, PA) on Feb 2nd would be overwhelming.

We can all understand that. The rodent (yep, they are, at least according to the science book I read) would be afraid and would definitely go back inside.

Wouldn’t you?

If 16 or more people were on your doorstep – or worse yet, at your bedside as you woke up one morning in the middle of winter – you would either go back inside or pull the covers back over your head. There would be a strong impulse to go back to sleep to stop the nightmare.

Maybe, if you are not someone who needs coffee or an alarm clock to be aware in the morning, you would grab your phone and dial 911. We can all get behind this reaction.

No blame. No shame.

So, now, I ask you. If someone had a unique, and different perspective, would you validate their reaction to a situation? Their experience might be something you don’t fully understand, simply because you are not them. Of course, you are not in their shoes and you haven’t lived their life.

Yet. Still. We judge.

We can’t help it.

But, we must. Stop the blame. Stop the shame.

It is time for all of us to have some patience, channel some empathy and realize that we are all different – with different bias, experiences and life history. This is indeed what makes us human and should enable us to be better than the rodent.

Their view from inside their world is their own. We can’t fully understand until we are offered a chance to see it from their perspective. But, we must try…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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