Break A Leg

Superstitions are weird. Why would you ever want to tell someone to break a leg, even with the best of intentions? It just doesn’t feel right.

I know that the theatre (and sports – maybe the one and only thing they have in common) holds a strong belief that if you wore this shirt or that black headband and had an amazing performance, then you will do it again and again…if you wear that item again and again.

What magic there is, lies within you. Not in the article of clothing, not in the routine of how you get to the theatre (take Maple to Old Lincoln Highway vs. Bellevue to the Super Highway.)

Just like most areas of life, a perfected skill requires you to follow the same process. Not the belief in a crazy superstition that has adults, friends and fellow cast members telling actors of all ages to break a leg. Surely, with all of the creativity and the ability to sell out a show, some one in this industry could have come up with a better phrase than that to wish them luck.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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