It’s All In The E-mail

Don’t you just hate the fact that it’s all in the e-mail and…

  • you missed it
  • you don’t read that stuff
    • you are under 21 (wait – I said that already)
  • you can’t get it to sync properly
  • you thought you unsubscribed, but all you did was update your preferences
    • worse yet, you let them know it was a legit e-mail address
  • you did read it, on your phone, or your laptop mail client, or your iPad…but it stays there just the same
    • and you still missed it

The insights are there, someone is paying attention. Not sure who, but someone.

I know, we still haven’t adopted a better option. So, for now, it will have to do.

I assure you, these days, it’s all in the e-mail, even if that is not your preferred method of communication.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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