It’s Not You

The old joke goes…”It’s not you, it’s me” isn’t always exactly applicable anymore.

I mean, it could very well be you, but it may also be…the joke wasn’t funny, or the internet connection on the Zoom call cut out. (See – I told you, the joke wasn’t funny.)

Mostly it isn’t funny because that is what our lives have become these days.

No one ever thought that we would have to spend our life, for a year (or so) living like this.

We are not supposed to live cooped up at home, watching other people through a video screen.

These teaching methods are not the ones that schools would choose to do if they could connect their teachers and the kids in person.

This isn’t normal.

It isn’t the new normal either.

None of us are willing to accept that.

We are meant to be out and about, seeing each other, talking to people – in person – experiencing life in three dimensions.

Of course all of this is bothering you, and you are not the only one*. It’s not you…you, are not alone. All of us are going through this. We have to find a solution and we all have to work together to find it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS, *Yes, even the introverts.

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