If We Are Asking

My daughter, the one who did my “mermaid” themed manicure this week, said to me tonight…”If we are asking, can we ask for more than just 9 degrees warmer weather?”

She doesn’t read my blog, but sometimes, the things I say, or think out loud, make it online…she just happened to overhear me say that I’d be happy with a few degrees warmer – I don’t need it to be 72.

Not yet anyway.

But, to her, I said “sure”, even though there’s really nothing we can do about this yet.

Not until the real science behind weather control happens; and I am not sure that will be sooner or later – I mean, if we could control it – and I mean, really control the weather would we all want it to be like “Sunny San Diego” all year round?

I used to hear that was the way to live. (It was someone from San Diego telling me this of course.)

However, the one time I was there for a conference, one that lasted a full 7 days, it was foggy, and chilly even though it was early fall.I was given the impression that city never has cold and chilly weather. I guess it happens everywhere once in a while.


I will take my ups and downs, the coldest cold and the most humid (ok, less than 85% humid please) of the hottest days so that we can appreciate one season over another.

So, sure kiddo. But, if we are asking, maybe we should just see what the airlines have to offer, because that is probably a better way to beat the cold weather. At least then we can get insurance to protect us in the event that it isn’t what we expect.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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