In Your Vision

If you were ever to create a company, what do you see in your vision for it’s culture?

Today, I experienced an overwhelmingly happy group of people in spite of a long line waiting…I was so happy to see and be a part of that. Sometimes, it isn’t like that at the deli counter. On a Sunday. Before a big football (rivalry) game. Maybe the company has reiterated that time goes by much faster when everyone is patient and polite – or simply put – nice. (Customers should follow in kind, too.)

Yesterday, the cutest couple worked a tent at a charity event. Few people were buying from their inventory and they had a lot. He was helping her, offering to match up items for the shoppers (um, walkers) and she was making small talk. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the way they are, or maybe it’s the company. The other people I know who work in their own LuLaRoe business are just the same. Down to earth, smiling, happy, nice people.

The last 4 weeks of storms, rain, flooding, hurricanes and more have wrecked people’s lives and yet there are so many who are stepping up, donating, volunteering, asking how they can help or offering what they can do…the human spirit is, at heart, nice to other humans.

Life is too short to be anything but nice. Smile. Reach out to help someone. Laugh. Enjoy the day.

  • Even if it rains.
  • Even if the shipment you need doesn’t come in on time.
  • Even if the person talking to you on the phone is frustrated.
  • Even if the best person you ever had with you quits.
  • Even if you don’t own your own company.

But if you do, if you decide you want to go out on your own, do it because you know what’s in your vision to be different. To be nice and to enjoy what you do. Otherwise…why would you ever decide to do it?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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