2 Emoji

So, what is your verdict, as a brand do you think it is good 2 emoji or not? If you aren’t doing it, why not? The big brands are…and they probably have an entire team of people out there telling them that they should be using this marketing tactic.

  • Welcome fall with the new Maple Pecan Latte 🍂 ☕
  • 🍔 Free Burger, Today Only!
  • 💃 Congrats Dawn, you’ve scored entry to our…
  • ☺ Introducing the dress to wear on repeat
  • ✈ Flights from $112 RT at Travelocity | Amazon Gold Box Deals | Save 100% on your Flight with Expedia ✈
  • Summer Savings + free shipping = ❤
  • $20 Buck Fares™ 🎁 Celebrating our 23rd year with you!

These are just 7 subject lines from e-mails I have received in the last month.  They are all over the place.

Plus, if you use an e-mail marketing service provider, they are advising you on best practices – they know they have to adapt – just as you and your company may have to adapt to meet the market demand.

Clearly, it is growing.

Many people think it is a downward spiral, you youngsters are ruining the world with your messages, chats and smiley faces.

Really? Is that true?

Or, just that you don’t understand what they are. (Liane, if she is reading this will LOL when she remembers what I thought her two symbols meant earlier this month.)

I understand, your company culture may not dictate for you to jump into the deep end with Snapchat filters and Instagram promotions, but if you can do it, whatever seems to make sense, well, then, you should.

The recommendation is, however, to limit it to just 2 emoji in a post. Also, when you use these symbols, you probably want to make sure they work on most platforms – thus the shout out to the image provider EmojiaPedia. Many thanks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Starbucks, Red Robin, Pro Flowers, Gap (that is not the smiley emoji they used…must upgrade my WordPress software I guess),  Zoomcake (sending a collection of discounts from Travelocity, Amazon and Expedia), Pier1 Imports (I think they could step up their game a bit, don’t you?), Frontier Airlines – I think this is an old one, but they always have clever sayings and taglines.

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