In This Season

In this season of holiday baking, I have come to appreciate the perfect cookies made by professional bakers.

They are, no doubt, made with a long and tried recipe, with more butter or sugar, perhaps than I would add. Or, maybe their flour, rising agents and flavorings are just better because they are fresh every day.

Hmm. Today the baking powder was found (on the top shelf) and was dated “best by June 2014”. Rarely used I guess. Or, maybe that is why the cookies last year for Christmas were a bit flat and appeared to have too much butter.

Can you really have too much butter?

I do believe that baking is an art and a science and I prefer to cook, but I do love a good cookie – so I try to bake – at least once a year. I probably should practice more.

In this season of holiday indulgences, I hope that that you appreciate your best local bakery, the mall cookie shops and even Girl Scout Cookies (even though I think they’ve lost their appeal since we still have some from last winter in the cupboard.) All year long, they do what you’re trying to do this month, this week, or tomorrow afternoon. Maybe you are better at it than I…and if so, please remember to share (your tips, recipes or maybe just a cookie or twodozen!)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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