In Search Of the Perfect

We can win or lose when we are constantly in search of the perfect

Jelly beans (of course,) the obvious choice, given the photo, but, what if that is all we have and we can’t find the right ones? Should we skip the jelly beans and just move on to something else, or find a suitable alternative.

I mean, what if Russell Stover has gone out of business and the ones you seek are no longer manufactured? What then? Can you make them on your own or is someone else out there making jelly beans that are also pretty damn good?

They haven’t, gone out of business, but the distribution model is changing because they are more and more difficult to find – at least I think so. Maybe I should stop looking. Maybe they will find me. Actually, I haven’t been looking all that hard, nor have I gone out of my way. Really, I don’t even need jelly beans – I have tons of other options to enjoy. Every day.

Yet, sometimes, it is the constant search for something – anything – that fulfills us is perhaps what keeps us alive.  It is when everything needs to be in a constant state of perfection. That is the problem. And, yes, it is a problem.

  • If I have the perfect plates for the dinner.
  • If I have the perfect dress for the event.
  • If I have the perfect hair style.
  • If I have the perfect spouse.
  • If I have the perfect children.
  • If I have the perfect job.

These things, all of these things, at all times is just not possible.

Humanity is imperfect. You can look to do the work that fulfills you (most of the time), seek out entertainment (that makes you laugh, cry or learn), find ways to laugh (especially when you want to cry, or maybe in spite of wanting to cry).  You could also try to figure out what makes other people find joy and happiness, just to shake it up a bit. But, if you are always, every single day, in search of the “perfect” – you are in for a heap of trouble.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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