Bunnies and Candy

What if anything do bunnies and candy have to do with each other?

Someone told me today that their niece wanted to know why the Easter bunny (or is it Easter Bunny – with a capital B) doesn’t get a “milk and cookies” kind of snack on Easter? I mean, if Santa can have his treat, what about the bunny?

Of course, the bunny should get carrots and lettuce or other spring greens and not milk nor cookies. Who knows, though, since the bunny in question is some how associated with bringing spring-time themed sweet treats, like chocolates, peeps and jelly beans.

At least in this photo, the bunny, surrounded by cheerful pastel candies and sitting in the sun is enjoying the first few days of spring.  That isn’t always the case as it is when Easter comes in the tail end of winter.

This year, there are lots of reasons to celebrate spring. So, if that means indulging candy and blaming it on the bunny, then, so be it.

There really is no correlation between bunnies and candy, except, as with anything we do in today’s holidays – we make it work. If it is a holiday to dress up, we do…unless we just want to be super casual and relax, simply because we always get dressed up.  If it is a holiday to be reverent, we are…unless we are rebels and we fight against the tradition. If it is a holiday to make a big fuss, we do…unless we want to be close-knit and keep it local, small and low-key.  Holidays are the best time to spend the day being just a little bit different.  Maybe this year, the Easter bunny/Bunny will bring toothbrushes. We might just need them with all the jelly beans I am getting sent to me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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