In Our Future

In our future, while I don’t mean tomorrow – I do mean the “near” future – there are a lot of wonderful things that will happen.

I don’t mean that we will all enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas in a never more real statement of “home for the holidays” than ever before.

I mean the near term future of a year from now, four years from now and maybe even 10 or 20 years from now.

  • We will see advancements in medicine.
  • We will see children and adults accomplish goals they set for themselves in 2020 (or last year, or even next year) and be happy about what they have been able to do.
  • We will see technology improve even more than it has in the last 20 years.
  • We will see how the distances between us can be minimized with virtual interactions allowing for better communications and improved co-habitation on our home planet.
  • We will see how NASA and SpaceX and other private entities will change the way humans could actually live in space as well as visiting another planet.
  • We may even see the country have an election that is not so close that it is frought over by one party or the other.
  • We will see people getting along, enjoying the differences, celebrating the successes of others and helping people you barely know, to win too.

These are the things I see in our future and I hope that many of them come to fruition sooner than later. We are part of the change that needs to take place and we can really impact this vision if we all set our minds to work together. You just have to look at it perhaps differently than you have looked before. Keep an open mind. It can happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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