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We all want to read the good news, right? Since there isn’t much these days, we have to share our own positive stories.

It wasn’t just a random thing that John Krasinski created SGN earlier this year; we all needed to see the good things that were happening all of the world and in our own backyards, too. (We miss it, too, don’t we?)

So, we have to make our own. It doesn’t have to be big or detailed…just good.

  • The giggle that erupted in the middle of a conversation and turned into a full blown laugh fest.
  • The smile that you could see (and feel) through the face mask at the market.
  • The shared knowing look, that you are not crazy – they are – or, maybe you all are and that’s okay.
  • The thankful hugs you got because you brought home donuts “just because”.
  • The student who set their sights on a college, worked to get the grades, as well as the scores, and is now able to apply early action – can’t wait to hear of your acceptance.
  • The ones who are coming home early to see their parents because college isn’t always as great as being home.
  • The grandparents who will visit for the holidays, sharing stories of youthful adventures, wild cats, visits to Niagara Falls and filling your mind with the vision of what it was like for them as a child.
  • The road trips when you sing along, tell jokes and do random driver swaps at red lights.
  • The night Zoom calls and the weekends at the soccer field.
  • The times we have now…that we share with others.

These are the life stories and what we want to read about now; so, share them all with us. Share them in the conversations you have. Share them with the people you meet. Share them with your family. Share them with your friends. Good news creates good vibes and that is what we need right now – more than ever.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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