I am not writing about comedic impressions; the kind where you pretend to be or mimic someone else. I am talking about impressions you have – not of a business, a brand or a service provider – but of people you barely know. (You may not know, but businesses, especially the biggest brands, always want to know what you think of them.) For tonight, forget about that. What about this…How do you think others perceive you?

Until this evening, I didn’t have a single impression of Jack Martin. Who, you ask, is Jack Martin? He is a friend’s father and another friend’s father-in-law. He passed away last week…

I never met him, but I know his children fairly well – I could certainly know them better… and if I had known him – had I been lucky enough to know him, I am certain that I would have liked him at least as much as I like Kathy (Jack’s daughter), Lorie (and Lorie’s husband Bruce, who is one of Jack’s sons).

The stories people told tonight, they certainly just gave me a small glimpse of him. Of course, I have heard both women speak of him in the past 5 (has it been only five years since I’ve met you ladies? I only wish it had been longer, and furthermore, that we have much more time together.)

The look on their face when they speak of him; the love, admiration and respect they have for him – Jack, most certainly, was a wonderful man.

I can’t do his memory justice and I can only hope that one day, the people who come to remember me (and each of you reading this) will have left an equally good impression on those around us. May each of you inspire, mentor, counsel, advise and love many people in your life, your lives. Start today. Don’t stop. Make it a good life – and make sure that you are happy living it. It certainly sounds as though he did these things… right up until he left all of us. A life well spent…and so many lives will miss you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS These individual impressions, about us – they mean a hundred times more than what any of us think of a company, a brand or a business and so they should…

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