If You Like

If you like this, you might like that. It is all about the next visit and they hope they can enjoy your return.

From demographics, trends and prior purchases, retailers can tell a lot about you without even really “knowing” you.

It is helpful, sort of, but then kind of weird and scary. Like the re-marketing you see on Facebook, Amazon and Google after you search for something that you might actually, specifically need – once. One in your lifetime, or at least you hope you only need one.

How many staple removers do you need? No, I would NOT like to buy another washing machine – ever!

One coupon comes out of the printer based on what is in your shopping cart today, but five more appear after you swipe your store credit card. We have a choice – stop using the store card – but then we would have to pay more. I guess that discount comes at a price…

Well. Yea, I guess I am okay with that.

Even if most of the slips go into the recycling bin, It is still impressive that they occasionally hook me with one or two that have appeal and they get me to come back for more.

Certainly, if you like one brand of toothpaste, you might like to try another – we don’t . Or, if you enjoy organic foods, you may want to try these bunny snacks – except that I haven’t bought those in 2 years and I am not likely to start buying them again.  But, wait, that one IS the toothpaste we use – I will save that for next time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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