Impulse Buying

Earlier this week I alluded to impulse buying and school supplies. I assure you, I can be quite worse than that.

School supplies are typically small in size and they are consumable…in theory anyway…I’ve seen that erasers can last several years, but they are tiny and I digress.

Today, Amazon Prime got me. Totally my fault. I was in a hurry to take advantage of same day delivery.

  • Ball point pen refills – not available in most stores and apparently not Amazon either – in the cart they went, but fit into my pen, they do not.
  • A new mouse, ergonomically designed since I’m spending too much time on Power Point – turns out it needs a USB port – which I do not have available.
  • Fire wire to thunderbolt – to transfer info from one Mac to another – but isn’t actually going to do what we need it to do.
  • A limited edition early purchase of a Christmas gift – I hope it is well received – 4 months from now, it may not be cool.

Impulse buying can include shoes, clothes, bags, food, home accessories and I don’t know, even cars… but what gets me is the pressure to act now. Take advantage of the discount, limited stock, order in 12 minutes to get free delivery today and then having it arrive, on time, as promised; but still having to go shopping.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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