Ideal or Acceptable

Is it: ideal or acceptable?

  • The new idea.
  • The plan for Thanksgiving.
  • The gift you chose.
  • The hotel they offered.
  • The car you are researching to buy.
  • The curtains to replace the ones that are faded and don’t go anymore.
  • The book you picked for book club.
  • The song list you created for the car ride.
  • The pair of sneakers you chose to get to replace your favorite old beaters.
  • The plan they pitched to you for the mysterious pain you have been having.

There certainly is a balance. We know the search for perfection is futile, but we can get close. Sometimes, close enough is where you need to be. This is not an end of the world choice, you can make the decision and know that it will be fine. For now.

Whether you choose ideal or acceptable can be a fine line, but we have to walk that line and choose which side we want to be on in the end.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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