I Am Me

Doesn’t matter how much I try, I am me and you are you…no matter how different we are, I am happy that:

  • I like yellow and you don’t, but you like blue which is fine, too.
    • we still get along.
  • I like wine and you may not.
    • we are still friends.
  • I still want to hug you.
    • we can skip it if you’re not cool with that.
  • I will love you even if we disagree.
    • we will tell stories that are totally different.
  • I trust your opinion has merit.
    • we listen to different music.
  • I will listen to you.
    • we read different things (and think different thinks.)
  • I probably agree with you more often than I don’t, and on those “sometimes” when we don’t, I will still listen.
    • we have a different background, upbringing and lifestyle.
  • I may even change my mind.
    • we can say how we feel and it won’t matter in the end (even if I don’t change my mind, and you don’t either.)

Because I am me, and you are you and we are friends. For that, I will always be grateful. The more friends the better in this crazy life we live. At least, that is what I think…and perhaps, you agree with me, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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