How’s Your List

Today was hectic…I have to just ask, how’s your list coming along?

Mine, still has a lot on it. But, then, I needed to add a few things.

  • Order groceries
  • Order dinner for tomorrow (missed cut off for take out tacos for Tuesday) and don’t want to miss it again
  • Order dinner for today, because yoga is no longer cancelled – they figured out how to get the Yogi to do a GoToMeeting
  • Finish the client deliverable that just got moved up because they need it yesterday instead of in 3 weeks (to stay in business)
  • Remember to order contacts or risk running out
  • Pay the water bill – the one that comes 1 to 2 days after you do all of your other online payments – every single month
  • Call mom and dad, check in on them
  • Facetime with co-workers who are also seriously good friends
  • Check in on friend who’s husband was sicker than he’s ever (ever) been…he’s feeling better (just a cold, phew)
  • Find allergy meds, spring hay fever is here whether we want it or not
  • Order senior portraits (yea, I know should’ve done it sooner, but it was not URGENT then, now it feels like the end of the world if we don’t get them – he might not actually wear a real cap and gown in June)

See, it is easy to just run through things that have to be done. This is why you have to take the time to put important, mindful, soul fulfilling, life-changing and affirming things.

So, I ask again. How’s your list? Keep adding to it and checking things off. Now, more than ever, this is so very important.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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