Clear Communication Counts

No matter what is happening in the world, clear communication counts and it really, matters. A lot.

Maybe not for this little fun situation, but in many other cases it matters, more.

For those of you who were not in on the fun with me earlier today, I will fill you in.

I just tried grocery delivery service for the first time (theoretically second, but being on vacation and ordering tortilla chips, salsa and beer to your Airbnb is totally not ordering “groceries”.)

Earlier in the week, I had decided, I will order some fruit. Kids are home, they might want some fresh foods to go with the frozen waffles and potato chips they’re eating.

Click on Produce.


Bananas. The picture shown was a single, solitary banana (though I do know what they look like) for $0.19 regular, or $0.21 organic. (I will come back to that at a later time.)

I thought, okay.

Bananas = 4

One for each of the family who actually eat bananas. (Yea, she is weird. Used to like them, doesn’t anymore. Whatever. No harm. No foul. Plus, she is an adult. She can choose to eat what she wants.)

Days later. Delivery. (I will get back to that later, too.)

Husband and children unpack groceries while I am on a “webcast” in a community conversation about the current crisis and though engaging and interesting (and muted) I am distracted by giggling.

I peek in the kitchen.

What’s so funny?

Huge win! We now have eggs, bread and cheese, and we are still social distancing.

But now, my daughter is hysterically laughing and pointing at the pile of bananas that is growing as she continues to empty the bag.

Huge fail!! We now (also) have 28 bananas. (Technically, currently, we have just 21, since a neighbor graciously took some off my hands. Thank you Rebecca!)

I know that we are all working through all of this Coronavirus situation we are in right now and things seem pretty rough. Yet, I am hopeful that because of it, we will figure out some really important ways to improve life. I don’t know:

  • Reduce dependency on imports as “Made in the USA” will have a resurgence.
  • Online ordering systems will get better.
  • Restaurants will have better ways of delivery, truly touchless payments, and even packaging may improve to increase the holding temp and arrival quality of the products.
  • Distance learning, whether someone is unable to make it in to school, or learns better free of distractions.
  • Might I even venture to say that college tuition might actually come down to a more reasonably, affordable cost more in line with the true value it holds to the new professional. (Is that really too much to ask?)

If you think about it, there’s probably a bunch (get it, bunch??) of other things will change, too. These changes will have very little to do with bunches of bananas.

Clearly I am poking a bit of fun at myself, but I did laugh as one by one, each of my friends suggested I make banana bread, banana crepes, banana muffins, banana cream pie (yum!), fruit salad, banana pudding, peanut butter & banana sandwiches (thank you verrrry much) and smoothies.

I really don’t have that much free time on my hands, though I wish I did.

However, if this issue had been something more important, it wouldn’t have been quite so funny.

Yet, for tonight (or tomorrow or in the days to come), I hope it made you laugh. Just a little.

As the days in quarantine go by, listening to the possible solutions needed to end this crisis, I am pretty sure we will all see the value and know why clear communication counts so very much. It really has everything to do with life, health, wellness, emotional balance and even “business as usual” which I am sure, we all would like back.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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