Horses Wild

We learn to play card games at an early age – at least we used to. Today, would the kids even understand it if we joked around and laid down a pair of cards and yelled “horses wild!”

  • They don’t play poker. Unless we teach them to gamble.
  • They don’t learn solitaire, unless it is on an app on their phone.
  • They (probably) don’t even know reason you had two Jokers in a deck of cards.
  • They might not have the patience to learn pinochle from us, friends of ours certainly didn’t.

Honestly it might be easier for them to understand the concept of wild animals who live free.

I know this sounds bizarre, but it happens more often in our little suburban neighborhood than they play “traditional” kids games.

  • Tonight we saw a fox run across the road – it was not a small fox, but one about the size of a medium sized dog.
  • Deer jump our fence – as if it weren’t even there (it is nearly 4 feet tall) and they don’t break a sweat.
  • Hawks scope out the neighbors mini terriers and swoop down, oblivious to the people, “protection owls” and cars driving down the street faster than they should in our little neighborhood.

So, maybe they would react and say, “But mom, this isn’t the place for that kind of horses; in Bucks County, we only have domesticated horses, wild ones live on the beach somewhere between Virginia and North Carolina.” Then, they would take out their phones and show me exactly what they meant – as if I was the one who didn’t understand what they already know.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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