History Always Tells…

History always tells whether someone or a decision was famous or infamous. Last night’s local school board decision will not reveal itself for many years as to whether or not it was a mistake or a ground breaking achievement.

If you own a business and you ask for help or advice, but you don’t follow it or accept it, then it is all on you. If you succeed, fail or struggle. You have no one else to blame.

Politicians and elected officials are in a tough position. They can listen to their constituents, but they have to make the best decision they can with the information they have available to them. Ignoring the information and the residents is not acceptable. Rushing to make a decision is also not wise. I would not want to be them, but I don’t consider myself to be able to do what they do. If they had put their decision to a referendum, then, and only then, could the local people blame themselves and their community for the decision.

But, now it is done and I was sad today. Really saddened by this change. I won’t stay sad. I plan to do something and now, I can only hope that I can do enough to mitigate what I think was a big mistake. Huge.

After all, the last 20 years have not shown that they (and yes, “they” have changed) but the past two decades have NOT made it better. School rank has dropped. Student performance has declined and there is more debt than ever before.

I don’t think that I have 20 more years to wait and see if it was good or bad, after all, they are only 10 once.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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