All Look The Same

A terrible cliche is that people all look the same…they make fun of this all the time:

  • in movies
  • in stand up comedy routines

But I am not talking about people of a certain ethnicity.

I am talking about how literally, people do have similar looks, from their clothes to their height, build, color hair and even their cars.

It must be nearly impossible to someone who works in retail, restaurants and other positions in customer service. They see thousands of people come through the door every day.


We as the customers see them as one of 4 people standing behind the counter.

They are the unique ones.

Apparently, it is also difficult for the guy at the car dealer to tell one woman wearing a red dress from another. Especially, if they both drive blue cars – which definitely, all look the same. Yet, one of us needs a new rotor and all I needed was an oil change. (Good thing the doctor’s office can tell their customers apart from another; or, follow a policy to help them make sure who is standing in front of them before they start talking about a diagnosis.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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