Has to Fit

Those things you have on your list for your business, your volunteer time, your family life, the things you have committed to tackle (yes, the list is long I know!) That is why each and every one of them has to fit with your goals.

  • You set these.
  • You are the driver.
  • You control the list.

Okay, you have to get the steps fixed or the door handle repaired, maintenance and safety aside.

The progress goals…

  • Becoming a B Corp.
  • Improving the world.
  • Being the best partner and parent you can be.

…these are the ones that you have to own. You have to embrace them. You have to want to do them.

Really, really want them to be accomplished.

In your mind, if you can’t see it happening it won’t. It has to fit with your vision for the future and only you can be the fortune teller for that future becoming reality. Be kind to yourself, and be fair. Not everything has to be done tomorrow. But, when you can see them, only then will they get done.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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