Call Me Back

Scenario: I am the customer. I call a new _______ (retailer, service provider, restaurant.) They are – a commodity – let’s be quite clear, there are many who do what they do. Then, they answer, but they say “call me back“.

Do you?

Let me explain even further.

  • They don’t know you.
  • You know them, but you also know many (many) others like them.
  • They were recommended by someone you know.
  • They have decent enough reviews, but not outstanding.
  • The website is weak. It is not even mobile friendly and the pictures are weaker.

You have to decide. Do you give them a second chance?

  • Sure you do…
  • Or you don’t.
  • It really is up to you and may quite possibly depend on your mood.
  • But, you do, (because you are in a good mood.)

Second chance granted…ring ring, ring ring, ring ring.

The phone is forwarded to their cell phone but the OGM is not set up.

Ack! Do they even WANT your business?

So, my dear reader…You have had a moment to think about it. What will you do when they say (politely of course) “call me back“. Do you do it (even a third time…) Or, do you call the next place that was also recommended – by a friend, a colleague, or just online. You might be able to just make your selection online, Virtually, with no human interaction whatsoever. Your time is worth a lot, and you should be valuable to them. Let’s make sure that they see the exchange of value. (If they can’t be bothered, why should you care?)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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