Rain Causes Traffic

We all know that rain causes traffic.

We experience it. We lament it. We rue the rainy Monday.

Certainly, if the traffic associated with evacuating, leaving home, or emergency stocking of your refrigerator preparing for a storm; that is overall quite negative. The volume created in a panic or in the face of an emergency is always going to be more than people can handle.

  • The roads are jammed.
  • People start disregarding laws.
  • Tensions and stress levels will rise.

We should focus on the ways that it can be good. Positive Helpful to you and others around you…

For example sometimes the traffic is caused by people converging at just the right time.  They come together for a big event, show or even the indoor park – getting the kids out of the house so they can run around. People turning to the Internet to buy things when stuck at home waiting for a refrigerator repair.  These can have a positive outcome.

  • Kids get to play with other kids.
  • Parents talk to each other (and do not have to sing “Baby Shark” to their 3 year old. Again)
  • You catch up on your holiday and birthday gift shopping way ahead of schedule.

If the earlier event happens to be happening…make the best of it. Plan ahead. Leave early. Help others and get out of town; breathe, be patient and follow the leader.

Why the rain causes traffic really matters. Let’s hope for the latter option this week – and all throughout the hurricane season. If you are stuck in it, do everything you can to stay safe out there. Follow the guidance of emergency response and out of their way. If you happen to be stuck, but safe inside, maybe read a book – you can probably download that from your local library and they would definitely like to see your number pop up on the visitor’s traffic log. In fact, plan ahead and down load a few, or go pick up the hard copy, just in case you need something that doesn’t require any internet (traffic) at all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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