Halloween Planning

It is just 5 days until the biggest kid holiday (after Christmas) and all I can say is that I have not quite completed enough Halloween planning. It’s not that we didn’t know 26 days ago… or even nearly 3 full months ago (remember 7/31 when July-O-Ween was telling us to get ready?) Well, yea. I didn’t listen and I guess I didn’t do enough earlier this month, either. 

There are some years when I am so far ahead of where we are today. 

I think we will be ok, but I have to worry…just a little bit.

I am going away for two days and one more full day of travel scheduled later this week. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for loose ends, like costumes that need accessories or make up or maybe a new treat bag? Really, it could be anything. Or, honestly, it could be nothing. 

I am sure that we will pull it together and be ready to enjoy Halloween. Planning, whether it is enough or not enough…it will be a great holiday. After all, there will be candy. There will be Jack O’Lanterns and candles. This is one holiday when planning or not, it is usually fabulous.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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