Grey To Pastel

After a long cold, dark winter, I think the outside world is finally ready to transition from brown and grey to pastel.

Lavender and pale yellow is a good way to start.

I know, in some respects, I wish it were summer…bright green and bursts of yellow, orange and reds, but not everything can be lush, with deep intense color so early. One should enjoy each season in it’s own time…

After walking around the city and seeing everyone – and their crazy friends – wearing green from tip to toe, fake orange wigs and gold coin necklaces yesterday, it should be fine for us to add a bit more color to our life.

Maybe we don’t have to be quite so bold. Let’s follow nature’s example and ease into it.

Also, I believe there is a valid reason for “spring cleaning” – and it isn’t just to shake off the dust and air out the house to get rid of the colds and coughs. Open your eyes, adjust to the brighter afternoons, later hours of sunlight and add some color. Starting with our wardrobe. Let’s flip the closet, from grey to pastel and embrace spring.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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